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Sapphire 75.00-84.99

Emerald 85.00-89.99

Diamond 90.00-94.99

Millennium Diamond 95.00+


• As long as the average mark from adjudicator’s falls within the above marking system of Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond and Millennium Diamond, all competitors will receive the award appropriate to the mark obtained.

• Please note: 1st, 2nd, 3rd placements in each category of 5 or more entries will be announced.

• All top mark winners will be announced throughout the event.



• The Top 3 Scoring Soloists in each category, Mini (6-8), Junior (Ages 9-12), Teen (Ages 13-15) & Senior (Ages 16-18) will be awarded the title of Millennium Star Soloist. 

 ** If a dancer qualifies as a Star Soloist at one Regional event, they are not eligible to qualify at another Regional event.



• The Highest scoring routines of the competition will be eligible to dance off in the Millennium  Finals in each age group, 12 & under and 13 & over, and will include the following categories: Solo, Duo/Trio, Sm Group, Lg Group, Line, Extend Line & Extended Line Plus. (Each studio will only be eligible once per category based on the highest mark achieved in the age group.) *Please note: MDP reserves the right to combine any categories, age groups and/or # of routines chosen for the finals based on # of entries in the competition.

• Adjudicators will also select up to 3 routines for the Wild card in the 12 & under and 13 & over categories.  **Please Note: Wild Card picks depend on # of entries in the competition.


The highest scoring routines in the Novice, Pre-Competitive and Intermediate Divisions will be eligible to dance off in the Millennium Finals for their own overall awards. 1 overall winner in each division will receive a trophy along with an MDP scholarship for their studio! *Please note: the breakdown and # of routines chosen for these categories will vary event to event and depends on # of entries in the competition.

**Please note, Eligible routines for the Finals will vary for each event. This will depend on # of entries in each division in the competition.

• All Finals routines in the Solo,Duo,Trio categories will dance off for Overall winner, 1st & 2nd runner up of each age group (depending on entries) in the Millennium Finals. As well all Groups will be judged against each other with 6 overall winners in the Millennium Finals (depending on entries). All finals winners will be presented with scholarships and trophies.

*MDP reserves the right to make amendments to rules and regulations at their discretion.

*Millennium Dance Productions will not issue refunds or be held responsible for sudden cancellation or time lost due to extreme weather or any other extraneous circumstances. Millennium Dance Productions will not be held responsible for injuries, damage and lost of stolen property over the duration of the competition. Millennium Dance Productions will not be held responsible for any additional fees incurred (ie: Parking fees, Parking Tickets, etc.) by dancers, teachers, studio owners or any participants while attending one or more of the events.

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