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Lauri Morash-Trefry


Millennium Dance Productions

Tracy Cameron

   Millennium Dance Productions Ontario/Calgary

We can take pride in all that we have accomplished as a dance community here in Atlantic Canada.  The camaraderie and respect that exists among Atlantic Canadians in our dance world is truly unique.   Maritimers have always been known for their genuine warmth and hospitality and  so it is with great pride and anticipation that we embark on our new venture in Ontario.   We are thrilled to be able to share our many years of expertise and experience with our partner ~ MILLENNIUM DANCE FESTIVALS ONTARIO.    Through this creative joint venture, we are excited to provide first-class dance competitions and events in New Brunswick, Alberta and Ontario.  


I have had the pleasure of traveling  to many dance events over the years in both Canada and the US and what we have here is very special.  The events that we produce are all designed to enrich learning, promote friendship and allow dancers to reach their fullest potential, whether at our Summer Intensives or on the Main Stage at DanceAbition or Millennium Dance Festivals.   As a dance teacher for over 30 years and a mother of two dancers, both now adults, I know the value of our events are unique and provide growth for each and every dancer involved.   I truly believe we draw strength from one another through our events and this coming season will be no exception.  It is our intention to continue to produce first class events.   Many exciting additions and changes are taking place in both DanceAbition and Millennium Dance Festival to enhance these already spectacular dance competitions and remain your #1 choice dance event!  Millennium Productions adapts to the ever- changing dance industry each year to keep things fresh, fun and exciting!

I look forward with great anticipation to sharing an amazing season of fun and personal growth for all of our participants and I want to thank our studio owners and teachers for their continued support and loyalty to Millennium Productions. Get ready to CELEBRATE your dancers talent and be part of the Millennium Productions line-up for this coming season!

Tracy Cameron comes to us originally from Bedford, Nova Scotia.  She is now living and working in Waterdown, Ontario with Millennium Dance Festival.  

Tracy has a Bachelor of Education and 19 years of teaching experience at both the secondary and elementary grade levels.  She has enjoyed being a "Dance Mom" for over 15 years, and as many of us know,  that also means being a make-up artist, costume support, chauffeur, cheerleader, stress and time manager, nutritional planner and administrative assistant!  

Tracy enjoys an active lifestyle and has always promoted healthy living. She enjoys working as a fitness trainer and continues to maintain a high level of personal fitness. Her positive attitude and boundless energy will serve her well as she continues to develop and promote Millennium Dance Festivals throughout Ontario and beyond.


This year, we are extremely proud to be celebrating our 5th year in Calgary and Mississauga, and are thrilled to announce our newest location in London, ON in May.

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