Solo/Duo/Trio Challenge

November 13th-15th

Alderney Landing


Tickets will be sold in blocks of 2, 3 & 4 in order to keep within COVID-19 guidelines. Please purchase a block of seats with spectators within your studio bubble.

Session general outline can be found below the video & picture information.

Ticket Pricing:

(HST Included)

Block of 2 Seats-$14.00

Block of 3 Seats -$21.00

Block of 4 Seats -$28.00

There are a limited number of seats being sold per session. 

Each dancer per session is guaranteed 2 tickets within their studio bubble. All extra tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Seating chart is posted below.

To Purchase Tickets:

CALL: 902-883-4338

If we do not answer, please leave a message with your name, number, studio and how many tickets you need and we will give you a call back!

We will let you know what seats are available for each session when you call.

Ticket Pre-Order Deadline: Thursday, October 29th

Tickets will be sent to your studio via courier following the October 29th deadline.

Alderney Landing Seating Chart.jpg


Video & Pictures Oct.jpg



General Session Outline

Session # 1 - Friday

12:00-1:51pm           Competition   

1:51-2:06pm              Adjudication 


Session #2 - Friday  
2:47-4:44pm               Competition 
4:44-4:59pm               Adjudication 


Session #3 – Friday 
5:56-8:05pm               Competition 
8:05-8:20pm               Adjudication 


Session #4 - Saturday 
8:00-9:54am                Competition 
9:54-10:09am              Adjudication   


Session #5 - Saturday

10:54-12:42pm           Competition 

12:42-12:57pm           Adjudication 


Session #6 - Saturday
1:57-3:48pm               Competition 
3:48-4:03pm               Adjudication 


Session #7 – Saturday 
4:45-6:27pm               Competition 
6:27-6:42pm               Adjudication 


Session #8 - Saturday
7:42-9:15pm               Competition 
9:15-9:30pm               Adjudication 


Session #9 – Sunday

8:00-9:36am                Competition 

9:36-9:51am                Adjudication 


Session #10 – Sunday

10:30-12:36pm           Competition 

12:36-12:51pm           Adjudication 


Session #11 - Sunday

1:51-3:48pm               Competition 

3:48-4:03pm               Adjudication 


Session #12 - Sunday - FINALS - Tickets will be sold starting at 10am on the Sunday

Approx start time 5:15pm