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• Real time Judging

• Scheduled Live Adjudications per session

• A full schedule to be provided via link that will be shared closer to the event.

• Medals, Top Marks, Special Awards etc will be awarded at scheduled adjudications (All awards will be shipped directly to studios following the event)

• Video adjudications with judge’s voice comments provided for all routines to studio directors.

• This event is open to Solos, Duos, Trios and Groups. *Please refer to the guidelines and regulations for your province to determine how many dancers are allowed to be in a group without social distancing if you are planning to film your routines in the coming weeks. (We will keep you informed as we hear of any changes to restrictions as bigger groups may be allowed in the future)

• Studios will receive a master list of all marks from each judge

• Videos can be sent in from other competitions or videotaped in studio/outside etc for submission. Please see video submission guidelines below for more information.

• Competition will tentatively run 4pm-10pm AST on the weekdays and 8am-10pm AST on the weekend.



Studio Directors can contact us regarding using 2020 credits or submitting registration.

All registrations must be submitted via our online system by the studio director. 


Transferring routines from one of MDP 2020 Events:

1. Log in and select “View past routines” 

2. Select “Transfer Routines” from the location you wish to transfer from. 

3. Once the dialog opens, select Millennium Productions from the first drop down menu and then Millennium Dance Festival Virtual competition from the second drop down menu. 

4. Select the routines you wish to transfer and then “OK”. 

5. You can adjust the dancers in the routines after you have transferred them by clicking “Add/Edit Routines/Dancers”. If you are removing them from the competition completely you will have to go into every routine they were in and remove them (if not you will be charged for them) and then go back to the main dancers page and move them back over the left column, so they do not appear on the participating dancers list.


**If you are entering routines from another competition company, log into their registration system and follow steps from #2 onward!


1.     Record in Landscape

2.     Film from front view of the Dancers (as much as possible given your space restrictions).

3.     Video should be 1 continuous shot (no editing).  

4.     Try to keep the video on all dancers (given space restrictions) at all times. If you have to follow dancers with the camera try to keep the focus on the dancers not the fact that you are moving

5.     Acceptable video formats are: .mp4, .mov, and .avi (The higher the quality the better for streaming)

6.     Location Options:  • Studio • Home or other indoor location • Outdoors (Please make sure you are following government regulations for your area)

7.     You can submit videos from previous/other dance competitions; however they must be from the 2019-2020 season (ie: competed Sept 2019 and onward)

8.     If dancers feel more comfortable wearing a mask during their performance, there will be no score deductions from the judges.

9.     How to submit to us via Dropbox:

  1. Go to

2.     Sign in or create an account.

3.     Create a new folder, and name it as your dance school (Blue folder with + sign)

4.     Click on the “upload” button (white paper with + sign)

5.     Find your video files and click upload. Please clearly label with studio name and routine name before uploading.

6.     Once uploaded, either select the folder and click “Share Link”

7.     Send link either in an email to this email address or directly from dropbox to:

*Millennium Dance Productions will not issue refunds or be held responsible for sudden cancellation or time lost due to extreme weather or any other extraneous circumstances. Millennium Dance Productions will not be held responsible for injuries, damage and lost of stolen property over the duration of the competition. Millennium Dance Productions will not be held responsible for any additional fees incurred (ie: Parking fees, Parking Tickets, etc.) by dancers, teachers, studio owners or any participants while attending one or more of the events.

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